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About Florida Artificial Reef GPX Files

FLGPX is an online repository of interactive GPS maps and GPX files containing waypoints of Florida's 3,500+ artificial reefs and wrecks. Interactive GPS maps are broken into Florida Regions, available at the top of the page. Each interactive GPS map contains clickable waypoints of artificial reefs and wrecks with GPS coordinates and detailed descriptions.

Downloadable GPX files of these fishing and diving spots are located in the map legend, grouped by Florida County. The total number of waypoints in each GPX file is listed next to the Florida County name. GPX Files are free to download under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. While using this site, you agree to having read and accepted the terms and policy. ©2020 FLGPX.

How to Use GPX Files

For GPS chartplotters, download and save GPX files to a memory card or micro SD card. Insert the memory card or micro SD card into the chartplotter and follow manufacturer's instructions on how to upload waypoint .gpx files. For GPS software/applications, download and save GPX files to your computer. Follow software/application instructions on how to upload waypoint .gpx files.

FLGPX Features

Florida's Artificial Reef program constructs 70-100 new artifical reefs and wrecks every year. Interactive GPS maps and GPX files are updated as soon as the new data is published. Highly detailed waypoint descriptions include information such as site, structure, date deployed, amount of material, relief, depth, and accuracy. GPX Format is the universal format used for the interchange of GPS data across navigational equipment, chartplotters, software, and applications.

Technical Details

The original dataset comes from FWC's Division of Marine Fisheries. Data is parsed and converted to GPX Format using custom Python scripting. Interactive mapping is done with Python, Leaflet, and NOAA. This website is built using HTML5, CSS, and W3Schools. If you have any questions, contact